Frequently asked Questions

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What is your CANCELLATION POLICY (non-weather related)?
A) When a client signs a contract the date is “taken off the market”. It is unavailable to others.
It’s “unavailability” is published on multiple sites including GigMasters, ReverbNation and on The TROPICS website. Generally we won’t get further inquires for a “reserved date”. Most dates are booked 6 months in advance and lose their value with each passing day.

The DEPOSIT functions to protect us from financial harm in the case of a cancellation. For that reason DEPOSITS are not refundable after 30 days.

The TROPICS have never cancelled a performance. If we ever do, we’ll refund your deposit immediately. Our goal is to behave ethically and have no reason to suspect that our clients won’t.

If a client “Cancels” and event within 6 months of the date, we require the balance to be paid in full. 
That’s because some of us make our living performing in multiple groups and will have likely turned down other opportunities to perform in order to be available for that date.

Cancellations are rare and have happened only a few times in our 20 years of performing. When it does, here are the possible outcomes:
The client will lose their deposit, and might refuse to pay the balance. In that case we reserve the right take legal action. 
 or....we’ll offer the client an to opportunity to reschedule the event for a subsequent, mutually acceptable, date within 6 months of the original date at no extra charge.

Q How do you handle weather related cancellations, typically storms or snow?
RAIN at OUTDOOR PERFORMANCES . We can’t expose $50,000 plus of electronics, instruments and computers to water of any kind. We expect our clients to pay attention to the forecast and secure complete protection (overhead and 3 sides) for our equipment ahead of time. We reserve the right to suspend our performance in the event of inadequate protection from water damage. If we need to stop playing because of inadequate protection we expect to be paid in full.
Regarding SNOW or other Storms: WE HAVE NEVER missed a performance because of weather. If we ever do, The TROPICS will refund the deposit (with apologies) at no charge. 
If a CLIENT cancels a performance in the event of weather we will give them the option to reschedule within 6 months: otherwise we expect to be paid in full.

Q) What kind of music do you play?
A) We perform a HUGE VARIETY of music that includes the most crowd-pleasing songs from the last 60 years to the present. This includes Background, Light Jazz, Classic Rock, R & B, Country, Pop and current hits! Our music is age appropriate and never too loud, although we like to “rock pretty hard” given the chance. We get many compliments on our song selection and are happy to play requests. We will learn a “special” song or two given advance notice. 

Visit our SONGLIST page and  hear us on our DEMO page.      
If you’d like request a complimentary CD of DEMOS from greg at:
I’s “Old School”

Q) How much do the TROPICS cost?
A) That depends upon the type of event, number of hours, time of year, day of the week and travel expenses. Unlike most groups, our price is negotiable. We’ll quote a price for a given location, number of hours and date. It’s okay to make us a counter-offer. We can almost always play for a price that will fit your budget. 

Q) Are you available for for my event?
A)  Check our CALENDAR page or email  me ( 
Contact us even if your date appears to be taken. Sometimes our schedule changes before the calendar page is updated....

Q) Where have you played? Who has hired you?
A) To see a list of places and clients visit our  “VENUES” page.

Q) Will you reserve a date for me after I contact you?
A) A date is “reserved” when a deposit of about 30% is received. If there is a delay in receiving a deposit we will contact you before giving the date to another party.

Q) Do you use a contract?
A) Yes. We’ll email a PDF (or send via U.S mail) a simple one-page contract  stating the date, time and place of the event and the agreed price and details. After we receive a signed copy of the contract and a deposit check the date will be “reserved”.

Q) How are payments made to The TROPICS?
A) A deposit of 30% will be requested to hold the date. The balance will be due on the date of the performance.  All checks should be payable to “Greg Boehme”. Not “The TROPICS”.

Q) How much floor space do you need? How long does it take to set up?
 We prefer a space at least 20 by 10 feet that is smooth and level. Setup takes about 90 minutes.
We can play in a smaller space if necessary.

Q) Will you perform “MC” functions? Can we use your microphone?
A) Yes. We’re always happy to perform as “MC” and be of assistance to you, even during breaks. We’ll have a wireless microphone available for your use when requested ahead of time.

Q) Can you provide music for our Wedding Ceremony?
A) We provide many options which include vocals, saxophone, flute, keyboard and guitar for Procession and Recession, Ceremony and of course “Cocktail Hour”.

Q) How about Background Music?
 A) We can perform a great variety of light jazz and ballads, both vocal and instrumental. We also provide appropriate recorded background music before we play and during breaks in the “live” music. 

Q) How many ‘breaks” do you take?
A) For a 3 hour event we typically play a long first set of 90 minutes (which keeps the party) going followed by a 15-20 minute break.  A 4 hour event would have 2... (or 3) short breaks.

Q) What do clients say about the Tropics?
A) The emails below are from private parties and prominent Northwest yacht clubs and oganizations:

Thank you for playing for Queen City Yacht Club!  Everyone had a wonderful time. The music was fabulous.  I can not believe the number of people who were still at QCYC for midnight.  Usually there is a mass exodus around 10:30 or so.  It is obviously due to the excellent choice of songs that you were playing.  You really kept the energy level up!

Hi Greg! We are so happy we chose you- we had an absolute blast! People are still coming up to me at work today and telling me how much they loved you. I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for a great band. 
    “THANK YOU!  You are absolutely fabulous!  Wonderful music and the members had a great time.  I really appreciate you performing for our event this year and will definitely keep you on our preferred vendors list” 
    “Thank you for making our reception so enjoyable!! People are still talking about what an amazing job you and your band did!!! The whole evening was so fun!!!!!   Couldn’t have been any were fanatastic!!!   Thanks again and we would love to come see you perform again. Many many thanks!!!”

  “Thanks to The TROPICS!! You were absolutely fabulous. Everyone raved and told us how much they enjoyed your performance. It was a perfect mix of songs, perfect volume level, professional yet fun performance -really, really great!”
    “Thank You!  We all had a wonderful evening, and I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and said “where did you find the band? They’re great”!  Everyone loved the music. You helped to make it a night to remember!  Thanks again.”
    “We have received nothing but rave reviews from all those in attendance and regrets from those who didn't make it. You all were fantastic! We have several musicians & music teachers in the club who expressed their joy that we finally had a REAL BAND & a very good one at that. Before the event I had begun to worry that maybe you weren't as good as I remembered. No need to worry. The music was even better. On top of all that, you are great people, easy to work with & came through with all you said you would and more. Made my job a breeze. Thank you!”
     “We want to thank you and the Tropics for yet another fantastic night!  Your songs were a perfect combination for the mixed crowd! Younger and older alike stopped to tell us how much they enjoyed your music and the evidence was there by the numbers dancing and staying late. Thanks for reading the crowd so well and pleasing everyone.  Members were still talking about it this morning at breakfast!

Thanks for playing for us on New Years.  You guys sounded great.  Many members came up to me and told me how much they liked the band.  It worked great in the early stages with the softer volumes and then "rocking in the New Year".  Our older members as well as our younger members "really liked the band".


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