In 1998 a group of past and current commodores of the PUGET SOUND CRUISING CLUB played for a dance at Seattle’s Corinthian Yacht Club at Shilshole Bay Marina. They included a University of Washington professor, his wife and a Shoreline Schools music teacher....all blue-water sailors.

he TROPICS have changed personnel over the years earning a reputation as one of the Northwest’s top bands. Today, in addition to weddings, private parties and corporate events, they perform for more yacht clubs than any other band in the state.

      The TROPICS line-up features the brilliant vocals of Elaine Skeffington, the saxophone, flute, guitar, keyboard and vocals of Shoreline Schools music teacher Greg Boehme (Bay-me), and the guitar wizardry and vocals of Craig Webb.

     The TROPICS perform as a trio yet produce a sound beyond the abilities of larger groups. They perform for clubs, weddings, private parties and corporate events providing friendly, professional entertainment services featuring the music that people really want to hear!

ALSO..In addition to our renowned TRIO The TROPICS are available as a DUO

performing ballads/standards, swing and light jazz featuring sax, flute, piano, guitar and vocals

Contact Greg at:

Call Greg at: 425-265-9275 (Home) or 425-679-1178 (Cell)

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Welcome To The TROPICS!

CALENDAR      DEMOS      SONGLIST    BIOS      PHOTOS      VENUES     and   FAQs                                        


CALL Greg at: 425-265-9275 (Home) or 425-679-1178 (Cell)

CONTACT: Greg at or call Greg at 425-265-9275 (home) or 425-679-1178 (mobile)


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Puget Sound Cruising Club

Shilshole Bay Yacht Club

Des Moines Yacht Club

Everett Yacht Club

Sound Experience “Adventuress” Event

U of W event at Rosario Resort

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July 26 -Private Party at Pleasant Beach Village-Bainbridge Island

August 2-Private Party at Anacortes Yacht Club

New Year’s Eve

with Pat Cashman

Oak Harbor YC Comodore’s Ball

Seattle Singles Yacht Club

Queen City Yacht Club


Pine Lake Concert Series

Roche Harbor YC at the Seattle YC


Greg, Elaine & Craig

Aboard the Royal Argosy

Wedding at Edmonds YC

Bellingham Yacht Club

The Arctic Club-Seattle

The Bride!

Corinthian YC


Anacortes Yacht Club